Passion Vista is dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of some of the most revered men leaders from around the globe whose long list of achievements is just a sliver of their magnanimous careers. With the highly-anticipated “Men Leaders 2022” issue, Passion Vista pays tribute to these exceptional individuals and their passion journeys. So join us as we celebrate the achievements of these disruptors and be inspired by their resilience, drive, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Envisioned building a truly advanced Diagnostics platform Pan-India which is affordable to all, Dheeraj Jain founded Redcliffe Labs which is today backed by major impact and world-class long-term investors to build and scale Redcliffe as an institution.  In a span of 2 years when it entered into routine testing, it has taken the spot of India’s fastest-growing pathology organisation collecting and processing samples from nearly 10000 families every day across 180 cities (nearly 250K+ tests a day), largely home collection through the digital channel but also across 1000+ Collection Centers. The turning point in Dheeraj’s life came when he reflected deeply upon the healthcare situation in India and why a large section of the population does not have access to high-quality, affordable diagnostics.

Dheeraj started his career in 2001 in management technology consulting in London and moved to Finland with Nokia in 2002 where he spent 9 years across major functions and was groomed as the next CXO. He did his MBA at Cass Business School, London. He left Nokia in 2011 and thereafter worked in Leveraged Buyout market in London and New York. Mr. Jain has also been credited with creating an active mid-market LBO market for outbound Indian M&As. He returned to India while building his own early-stage investment portfolio of 50+ and now many successful startups, he was known as the most prolific angel investor of 2016 by the Economic Times. During 2017-18, he also co-created the renowned brand ‘PeeSafe’ around women’s Health before starting Redcliffe labs.

Redcliffe Labs over the last 4 years has built a comprehensive portfolio approach both with routine and specialised test menus along with advanced testing labs all over India. Its digital-first approach with on-demand 1 hour home collection and same-day report is disrupting the way diagnostics is delivered today and thus it is growing fast in India. Their presence in 180+ cities across India with over 40+ Laboratories equipped with the latest technology ensures accurate and clinically reliable test results on time.

In 2018, the company set up a lab in Delhi, a clinical team, and a portfolio of tests, including genetic testing and maternal health diagnostics.  By the end of the year, Dheeraj and his startup went to the market. It worked with scientists and doctors, who started doing testing for their patients by sending samples to these labs, ensuring faster turnaround time and affordable pricing. The onset of COVID-19 needed a genome sequencing of the virus and Redcliffe along with its experience and PCR infrastructure conducted COVID-19 testing.

On May 19, 2022, a drone carrying the blood sample of a patient in a 5 kg temperature-controlled payload travelled from Gyansu near Uttarkashi, a small, hilly town in Uttarakhand, to Vivek Vihar in Dehradun at Redcliffe Lab’s diagnostic centre. The first commercial drone flight completed the journey in 88 minutes which would have otherwise taken 6 hours by road.  The sample was tested and the company sent the result to the customer the same day. The project was a part of the Redcliffe Labs’ tie-up with Skye Air Mobility, a drone delivery tech startup.

Redcliffe Labs is providing 3500+ tests across its wide network of labs and collection centres. The test portfolio is very wide including routine pathology tests, advanced genetic screening, and research-based DNA tests in reproductive health, cancer and wellness/fitness.

Their mission is to reach 500 million Indians by 2027. To help achieve its target, Redcliffe Labs is in an aggressive expansion mode and will use the funding to reach out to Tier 3/4/5 towns and cities.

His entrepreneurial abilities have sought him great success and Dheeraj was a guest lecturer at City University London and invited speaker at Ross Business School, Michigan USA. He was awarded the Bharat Gaurav award in British Parliament in 2015 for his impactful work across domains. To know more about Dheeraj, check www.passionvista.com or to nominate email, [email protected]

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Passion Vista always strives to present the virtuous careers of the most influential personalities whose long list of accomplishments has been a stepping stone for the rest. This time also, Passion Vista has successfully showcased such individuals whose alacrity, amelioration, and affability will be remembered for years to come. The “Global Icons 2022” issue is one of the most noteworthy editions that features the profiles of their professional journeys, highlighting the challenges they faced and the perseverance and passion that led them to their current positions of prominence.

Everything that Keiko Izushi has done in life has had one purpose – Healing the World – be it as a senior staff member for the UN World Food Programme (UNWFP), bestselling author, certified coach, or entrepreneur of a retreat centre in Bali.

Healing comes naturally to the compassionate Keiko. She was born as the second of three daughters to striving parents who experienced the poverty and hardship of post-WWII Japan. Her grandmother helped raise her and told her stories of hardships during the war, kimono sewing schools, and old times in Japan. These became her lullabies at bedtime, and later, her first Japanese book.

From 1988-92, Keiko completed her Masters in Economics in Mexico, following which she joined the UN. Speaking about the passion that drove her to be a part of the UNWFP from 1993-2020, she says, “In my teen years during the 70s and 80s – the Band Aid ‘We are the world’ age – this sensitive teenager reacted deeply to the skeleton-like starving children in Ethiopia. I wanted to send these horrible images to a Hunger Museum, just like Auschwitz, so kids in the future go to the museum and ask how humans could be so cruel. I wanted to bury the image in the past and make future generations happy that the bad old days were gone. That was, and is still, my passion.”

Keiko received the 25 years of service award (Golden Pin/ Longest service award) by the UNWFP which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020. In her three-decade long UN career, she was a witness to much human suffering, especially vulnerable populations and children in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Rohingya camps (in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh), amongst others. “I appreciate what my UN career gifted me, the countries I visited and worked in, and the wonderful colleagues I met while journeying towards a common goal,” she reflects.

After working in the UN for almost 30 years, Keiko decided on an early retirement in 2020, first becoming a certified RTT (rapid transformative therapy) hypnotherapist (July 2021), Effective Results Coach (Oct 2021), and ICF certified coach (Sept 2022). She was also a TEDx Speaker in July (both 2021 and 2022).

The beginning of the pandemic also saw her pen her second book: What Grandma Taught Me – A Worldwide Tribute to Grandmothers and Their Legacies. Published on 13 October 2020 (US Grandparents Day), the book became an international bestseller in no time, which led Keiko to her next adventure.

“In 2004-2005, I was a UN staff member working for emergency operation in Aceh, Indonesia, where everything had been destroyed by the giant Tsunami. I was in a tent working day and night attending to VIPs visiting the sites, looking after others, not taking care of myself. That is when my friends asked me to go to Ubud, Bali, for a healing week – to stop and find myself and my passion by doing yoga, meditation, fasting and drinking plenty of water.

The two years of the pandemic were actually a blessing for her; showing the way for Keiko’s new journey after experiencing the world with the UN. Resilient in her endeavour to alleviate people’s stress and anxiety, she tells us all that she hopes to accomplish in the near future: “What COVID revealed was that we are very similar at the level of human anatomy. I want to heal all human suffering, bringing people to their fundamental humanity that is filled with love. My RTT hypnotherapy techniques and coaching skills can help people be aware of their limiting beliefs, created over a lifetime, and know the power within to remove unnecessary blocks to rewrite their life script to be more fulfilling and rewarding.” To know more about Keiko, check www.passionvista.com or to nominate email, [email protected]

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At an age when people read youthful stories of mystery and romance, this young poet has written about political suppression, substance abuse, drug addiction and many more

New Delhi: A class twelve student at The Shri Ram School, New Delhi, Arav Rajesh started writing poetry in the spring of 2019. What began as a creative vocation at the early age of twelve, resulted in the publication of ‘Melodies of Society’, the debut poetry collection with fourteen poems that reflect various truths about contemporary society. At an age when people read youthful stories of mystery and romance, this young poet has written about political suppression, substance abuse, drug addiction, social anxiety, child labour and psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Arav’s poems contain keen observations of issues around him; conditions that make people worry and suffer, situations that overpower people to take wrong decisions, and calamities that are beyond control. 

In the poem titled ‘Slain Dreams’, Arav has painted a heart-wrenching scene of a poor father selling his son. In the poem titled ‘Spirited Oppression’, the poet has vividly discussed how politics has seldom raised its standards above shallow promises and rare fulfilment. Poems ‘No More’, ‘Why Me’, and ‘Broken’ represent voices of those who suffer from social anxiety. Poems about the COVID-19 phase and the horrors that it brought are moving, appealing and emotional. The poem ‘Locked Behind Walls of Glass’ offers a relatable scenario of feelings during the anxious months of lockdown in the country (and the world). Poems in the section ‘Substance Abuse’ may deceive anyone into believing that the author must have spent four or five decades in the world! Arav Rajesh has written those poems with gravity of thought, empathy, social awareness and poetic maturity. 

Many noted authors and poets have appreciated Arav’s debut poetry collection. Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan commended Arav ‘for putting together, with meticulous details and keen observation, serious subjects that require consideration and reflection’. Noted filmmaker, poet and voice artist Vineet KKN Panchhi praises Arav because he ‘has touched upon the challenges of that section of society with whom he may be interacting frailly, yet his observations speak highly of his levels of empathy and sensitivity’. Management consultant and former member of the Planning Commission of India, Arun Maira, was impressed by Arav’s poems because ‘his words truly challenge the status quo and his deep observation on our societal challenges and issues are commendable’. Author, motivational speaker and thought leader Aparna Piramal Raje finds Arav Rajesh’s poetry ‘evocative and memorable’. 

Leading literary platforms and book review websites in India have also appreciated Arav for his emotionally appealing style and seriousness of the chosen themes. A critic writing about ‘Melodies of Society’ for Indian Book Critics opined that readers of Indian English poetry would appreciate ‘realistic, communicative, and expressive poems by Arav Rajesh’. Individual readers who have liked the poems have left their opinions on platforms like Goodreads and Amazon. The poetry collection is available on online shopping websites.

Stylistically, all the poems in the collection present a first-person point of view. The poet has tried to advocate for those who cannot voice their concerns. About writing his poems in first-person narrative, Arav says: 

“I often try to integrate an omniscient point of view with a first-person narrative.” 

While discussing his style of writing, ways of expressing his views, and choosing subjects, Arav believes that poetry is a continuous process. To further his understanding of poetry, he regularly reads works by other poets. In his own words: 

“Connecting with poetry is a continuous process of exploration, experimentation and reflection. As I learn, in a classroom or from reading others’ works of poetry, I find myself incorporating new techniques in my writing. Depending on the topic and overall narrative ideas, I see if a particular literary experiment satisfies my goals. This process continues with every subsequent poem, allowing me to keep expanding my poetic repertoire.” 

With the publication of ‘Melodies of Society’, Arav’s poetic exploration has just begun. He wishes to continue his journey. The young author believes poetry serves a multi-dimensional social purpose allowing us to reflect on current situations and related perspectives. Arav also concurs that critics and literary commentators play a vital role in the growth of any poet or author. He has welcomed the opinions, feedback and comments of literary critics on his work.

Besides writing poems, Arav likes analysing and discussing international relations and geo-political situations. He has participated actively in Model UN Conferences, winning many awards nationally. Presently, he serves as Secretary-General of the Model UN Club at his school. In future, Arav wishes to pursue Economics & English Literature in college.  

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Dr Jitendra Singh says, the private sector is also an important contributor to the Indian R&D story and science administrators play a key role in it

Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Science & Technology; Minister of State (Independent Charge) Earth Sciences; MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh launched a training programme for Science Administrators at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), here.

On the occasion, the Union Minister also launched a governance course module through the iGOT platform.

Speaking at the event, Dr Jitendra Singh said that science and technology are essential to increase resilience and address the challenges of our time such as pandemics, sustainability, and climate change. Therefore, technology governance itself assumes a critical role, he said.

The Minister said, reaping the benefits of Science & Technology (S&T) is a critical challenge today, and many of the barriers to S&T lie not in science itself, but in the governance of science and technology.

The Union Minister said that the governance of science & technology poses a well-known puzzle: the so-called Collingridge dilemma, which holds that early in the innovation process – when interventions and course corrections might still prove easy and cheap – the full consequences of the technology, and hence the need for change, might not be fully apparent.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has created a conducive environment for public and private partnerships to grow in all sectors for the greater public good

Photo credit-Press release by PIB

Dr Jitendra Singh noted that India is a socialist nation and the S&T in India is similarly focused towards improving the ease of living for the citizen and Science has to benefit the citizens, therefore, it is important that we put all of the efforts in supporting Scientific development with societally beneficial outcomes.

Dr Jitendra Singh said that scientific research and development is not merely a government undertaking, but, the private sector in India is also a party in the Indian R&D story, though there is still a lot that mutual benefit can be achieved by public and private sector R&D working together, the science administrators play a key role in making these bridges.

The Union Minister said that the Government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, supports private S&T development at all stages, from the early research stage to Business innovations. He added that the support could be financial in form of research grants and innovations grants or non-financial through infrastructure support such as incubators and software parks and the Science administrators play a key role in developing efficiently operating such critical nodes.

Science and technology are essential to increase resilience and address the challenges of our time such as pandemics, sustainability, and climate change, says, Dr Singh

Dr Jitendra Singh launches training programme for Science Administrators in Hyderabad; Also launches iGOT Modules
Photo credit-Press release by PIB

Dr. Jitendra Singh expressed happiness to launch the course on ‘Science communications’ for scientists and opined that the very first challenge for popularizing science is communicating what our S&T departments do for citizens, the ones for whom all this effort is for. He urged all the scientists and researchers to access the course from iGOT and channel their work for the public.

Dr Jitendra Singh said that the course has been designed by ASCI and CBC for science administrators, and also targets building collaborations with the private sector.

The training programme on Effective Leadership and Creativity for Senior Scientists has been designed to impart the skills of creative thinking to the participating scientists, to enable them to learn various competencies to become effective leaders and in turn, enable the scientific establishments to operate more effectively in today’s competitive environment.

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by PIB.
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Passion Vista always strives to present the virtuous careers of the most influential personalities whose long list of accomplishments has been a stepping stone for the rest. This time also, Passion Vista has successfully showcased such individuals whose alacrity, amelioration, and affability will be remembered for years to come. The “Global Icons 2022” issue is one of the most noteworthy editions that features the profiles of their professional journeys, highlighting the challenges they faced and the perseverance and passion that led them to their current positions of prominence.

Who is the real Samantha Tauber? She is an award-winning Australian multi-media artist, music producer, entrepreneur, thought leader, storyteller, live performer, and Chief Metaverse Officer for her company, VNCCII. She also acts live as her futuristic Galactic Metaverse SuperHeroine avatar VNCCII on the global stage both digitally and physically. 

Samantha Tauber started off in the music industry as a singer-songwriter/live performer and later taught herself how to become a producer and multi-media content creator utilising both Ableton Live and Unreal Engine 5. “The biggest gift I’ve learnt from life is that you are always perpetually learning. This ‘growth hack’ mindset of experiential learning has driven my mission and vision for the VNCCII project,” she says. Being an auto-didact at the time of democratisation of technology led Sami to pioneer the multi-media creator path for the VNCCII project in the Metaverse and beyond.

The VNCCII story began in 2018 when Sami was energised by the prospects of the music industry converging with the gaming industry, and Hollywood for innovation in the Metaverse and beyond. She also loves strong female Superheroine characters in futuristic science fiction stories. To express her capabilities for multi-media storytelling, she created a virtual avatar character called VNCCII to spearhead all her creative work. VNCCII is a fictional futuristic galactic Super Sentient Superheroine character that is the lead protagonist for a science fiction Space A.I. Opera story that Sami has written. This IP is built for the Metaverse to create new stories via co-creation with the community and fans.

Her song ‘Level Up 2 Nirvana’ from her upcoming Metaverse album and science fiction novel, ‘VNCCII, The Soul Code, And The Battle Of The GALACTA.I.SSANCE’, released to a successful showcase with a Metaverse music video. In addition, she has created a vodcast show called ‘Future Humans’ where she communicates as VNCCII broadcasting live from Unreal Game Engine via motion capture. Some of the special guests and industry thought leaders featured on the show include Cathy Hackl (Godmother of the Metaverse), Amy Peck, David Hanson, Teddy Pahagbia, Hrish Lotlikar, Jamie Burke, Mike Pell, Spottie Wifi, and Krista Kim among others. A highlight Metaverse stage performance included her audio-visual live music stage show at Immerse Global Summit Europe in 2022.

Samantha’s journey has been a combination of hard work, talent, dedication, and intrinsic self-belief. Yet, it wasn’t without its share of challenges. “Some challenges that I’ve encountered so far for my business include carving out time to achieve all the tasks within the interdisciplinary priority decision matrix. As I’m crossing all the media formats such as novels, comics, music, live interactive entertainment, film, VR, AR, XR and gamified experiences, the challenge is in coordinating the overarching convergent strategy to have maximum efficiency and effectiveness,” she opines.

This love for the inner child and abundant creative infinity energy is what has always drawn Samantha to multi-dimensional characters in classic stories that undergo the hero’s journey, also known as ‘the monomyth’. These stages of the hero’s journey are also reflected in our own human avatar selves, which are vessels for our consciousness. We are all our own creative inspiration portals. To know more about Samantha, check www.passionvista.com or to nominate email, [email protected]

Leaving us with one such inspirational message, Samantha says, “My final words of wisdom would be to never give up on your dreams. See the world through the lens you choose. We all have a choice in life. A choice to be happy, to be free, and to fight for our dreams. It will never be easy, but setbacks are character building, and you can take comfort in the fact that this is part of the human experience. You are all the heroes of your own lives. Be the positive changemaker. Humanity needs us all right now to step into who we truly are. I challenge you to ‘be’!”

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Shri, P. L. Haranadh, Chairman, Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata (SMP Kolkata) said that SMP Kolkata handled an all-time highest record Cargo Traffic of 54.254 Million Tonnes(MT) during April 2022 to January 2023 compared 47.282 million tonnes handled during April 2021 to January 2022 and thus registered a growth of 14.75% which is much higher than the national average.

Shri Haranadh further stated that SMP Kolkata ranked 5th in Cargo handling amongst Indian Major Ports from April 2022 to January 2023 vis-a-vis its ranking of 6th from April 2021 to January 2022.

Shri P. L. Haranadh, Chairman, Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata said that Haldia Dock Complex (HDC) handled 40.162 MT of cargo from April 2022 to January 2023 vis-à-vis 34.749 MT during April 2021to January 2022 (an increase of 15.58%).

Kolkata Dock System (KDS) handled 14.092 MT of cargo from April 2022 to January 2023 vis-à-vis 12.533 MT from April 2021- January 2022 (growth of 12.44%).

From April 2022 to January 2023, SMP, Kolkata handled rail-borne traffic of 28.823 MT (KDS-4.92 MT, HDC-23.903 MT) against 24.974 MT (KDS-4.91 MT, HDC-20.064 MT) in April 2021to January 2022, registering a growth of 15.41%. From April 2022 to January 2023, 1221 rakes were received and 1249 dispatched at KDS; at HDC, 5293 rakes were received and 5300 were dispatched during the same period.

Shri Haranadh emphasized that major commodities which attributed to this growth of traffic and SMP Kolkata to achieve this feat, include LPG, Vegetable Oil, other liquids, Manganese Ore, Iron & Steel, Pulses/Preas, Coking Coal and container etc. at Kolkata Dock System(KDS) and POL (Crude), LPG, Other Ore, Coking Coal, Non-Coking Coal, Fly ash and Lime Stone etc at Haldia Dock Complex (HDC).

Shri, P. L. Haranadh, Chairman, Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata said that this success has been achieved due to the growth of diverse cargo, the arrival of new and additional cargo coupled with multi-faceted user-friendly measures like better services, improved facilities, cost-effective and customer-friendly charges and all-out efforts of the employees of the port.  SMP Kolkata is expected to handle more than 65 million tonnes of cargo by the end of 2022-23 against 58.175 million tonnes of cargo handled during 2021-22.

Disclaimer: This is an official press release by PIB.
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Passion Vista is dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of some of the most revered men leaders from around the globe whose long list of achievements is just a sliver of their magnanimous careers. With the highly-anticipated “Men Leaders 2022” issue, Passion Vista pays tribute to these exceptional individuals and their passion journeys. So join us as we celebrate the achievements of these disruptors and be inspired by their resilience, drive, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Heir to a family of legal experts based in Cairo, Egypt, what makes Dr Mina A. Iskander stand out is his determination to learn each facet of the legal profession in his endeavour to become a holistic lawyer.

Recalling how ‘Law’ was a foregone conclusion, Mina tells us, “I descend from a family where most members are working in the legal business – as lawyers, judges or prosecutors. When I was in school itself, I knew I was going to be a lawyer.” Mina is not the person who established a law firm as family business in 1952, but as the Managing Partner of MIP Law Firm (Mina Iskander & Partners), he is working on expanding the business in different regions and having a global presence. 

Mina began his career as an Associate in a law firm before pursuing a Masters at Indiana University, USA, where he specialized in Arbitration and International Law. Upon returning to Cairo, he applied for a post in the PPP Central Unit – Minister of Finance’s office, and got selected out of 340 applicants even though he was the youngest.

“It was an exceptional experience to work closely with the Minister. But due to political reasons and rise of the revolution in 2011, the Minister’s office was shut down,” he states. He used this time to learn more about a topic which most lawyers refrained from – Legal transactions related to e-commerce. Mina applied for a PhD in the topic, and was selected as an Assistant Lecturer at the British University in Egypt. After circumstances stabilized, he joined a law firm as an Associate and in just 8 years, was promoted to Partner. At the same time, he received his Ph.D. at the record young age of 27.

Always ready to challenge himself, Mina soon decided to exit his comfort zone and try the in-house experience. He got selected as the Head of the Legal Department in one of the largest Real Estate companies in the Middle East. A veritable perfectionist, he was then actively headhunted by one of the largest Fin-tech companies in the world and joined them as Regional Senior Legal Counsel – Middle East and North Africa. However his previous law firm came calling, and he rejoined as Senior Partner.

Today, Mina is considered an industry leader with diverse Global experience and knowledge – he’s been an attorney in a law firm, legal counsellor in public governmental entities, University lecturer, and in-house counsel in the private sector.

With such accomplishments, Mina has been honoured throughout his career – He was awarded by the Minister of Finance – Dr. Yousef Botros Ghali, and given the Certificate of Excellence; was selected as Egypt’s representative by the International Bar Association in one of its biggest conventions; ranked as one of top 50 lawyers in the Middle East, Africa and Asia by Lex Falcon; selected by International Litigation Forum 2022 to be a keynote speaker in one of the biggest legal conferences in the world.

Expectedly, Mina rose to the occasion. The passion for accomplishment is what drives him, he says, “My clients consider me a backbone to lean on and just knowing that their trust lies in me keeps me going. Currently, at MIP, I am working on an expansion plan to widen our practice in the Middle East and the rest of the regions to make sure our clients are covered all over the world wherever they may go.” To know more about Dr Mina, check www.passionvista.com or to nominate email, [email protected]

With herculean hard work, Mina is “consistent in what I do and persistent until I do it.” Leaving us with an important message, he says, “Make work your passion and not your profession. But remember, success is not always measured in money. Your employer can replace you in no time, but you are irreplaceable to your family and friends.”

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Agra District Administration in Uttar Pradesh has created a world record by conducting an Essay Writing Contest at 3075 different locations on the same day and same time in which 300673 students from Grade VI to Post Graduate Students of College competed with each other on the title “India’s Presidency in G20 Summit – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. This event was held on 03.02.2023 between 11.00 am to 12.00 noon at same time in all the institutions within the geographical limitation of the Agra District. The Agra District Administration walked into record books for the title “Most Participants in an Essay Writing Contest at Multiple Locations”, and this feat was certified by Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, and India Records Academy.

Arvind Kumar Sharma, UP Minister for Urban Development, stated during the Citation ceremony that Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, is the recently unveiled theme for India’s G20 presidency, each and every citizen of our country should be proud of India’s role in G20 and the message “India as a Global Leader” should reach every citizen. This Visionary Project by Agra District Administration is executed inorder to full the mission and vision of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, to educate and impart the citizens of our Country on india’s Presidency globally on all aspects.I apprecaite the efforts of the Agra District Adminstration Team for this acheievement, he further added.

Amit Gupta, Commissioner-Agra Division, detailed that, “The first G20 Summit of Agra focusing on Women and Child Empowerment will be held on February 11, 2023, and in order to create awareness on the importance of this summit held in Agra, our district administration took this initiative on organising this massive essay writing competition, we are sure that this project has given a lot of insights about the leadership of our country globally to the young minds, he further stated.

Navneet Singh Chahal, District Magistrate (Agra), detailed that, the Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier intergovernmental forum for international economic cooperation. The forum plays an important role in shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues. It is evident that all the young minds of our country should know and admire the importance of India’s Presidency in G20 Summit this year, each and every one should be proud on this and the outcome of the project has justified the same, he further added.

Nikhil Tikaram Funde, Municipal Commissioner (Agra), pointed out that, Students were trained, educated and imparted knowledge by the District Administration on the Pride Moment of India Hosting the G20 Summit this year which is first of its kind in Indian History and then the students appeared for the contest and expressed their hidden potentials, he further stated.

World Record Citation Being Conferred to Agra District Administration

A. Manikandan, Chief Development Officer(Agra), detailed that we conducted a massive Micro Level of Planning at Block Level and Village Level for Identifying the apt locations for conducting the contest, and strategically selected all the locations which envisaged the participants to perform in the contest. The students researched and prepared for the contest researching India’s Presidency in G20 Summit and then wrote an essay for about 250 words in English or Hindi in 60 Minutes at their respective institution on 03.02.2023 between 11.00 am to 12.00 noon. All the answer scripts were evaluated by the Teachers on the same day and winners were declared institution-wise, he further added.

Bhavana Rajesh, Adjudicator-Elite World Records, stated that Essay Writing helps in understanding and learning about a defined topic, witnessing a World Record Event in this direction from the District Administration of Agra was an experience of its kind. Reading through the Essays written by students Essay on the topic “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” was a delighted experience as it show cased the creativity, thought process and writing skills of students. Congratulations to the entire team for their efforts on this accomplishment, she further added

Dr A. K.SenthilKkumar, Ambassador-Asian Records Academy, It’s truly praiseworthy to take the idea of India’s Presidency in G20 to the world by creating a world record with more than 3lakh participants writing an essay at multiple locations simultaneously is a pivotal achievement, I appreciate he further stated.

P. Jeganathan, Senior Records Manager-India Records Academy, Pointed out that, India hosting the G20 summit is a pride moment for each and every citizen of our country and creating a world record on this occasion is a commendable effort, he further stated.

Dr Satya Sree Gupta. K (Senior Adjudicator-Elite World records), Smt.Bhavana Rajesh, (Adjudicator-Elite World Records), Dr A.K. Senthil Kkumar (Ambassador-Asian Records Academy) and P.Jeganathan(Senior Records Manager-India Records Academy) adjudicated and conferred the world record titles to the Agra District administration.

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Tiruvannamalai District Administration has created a world record by setting up 1333 Ground Water Recharge Shafts, workers covered under MGNREGS were extended continuous jobs for over 14 days to establish these structures and the district walked into record books in the category “Most Ground Water Recharge Shafts established around defunct borewell at Multiple Locations in 14 Days”. This feat was certified as a world record by Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy and Tamilan Book of Records.

B. Murugesh, District Collector, stated that with a sincere commitment to improving the groundwater potential, we established 1333 Ground Water Recharge Shafts around defunct borewells at 600 Village Panchayats of 18 Blocks at a Unit Cost of Rs 0.50 lakhs and with a total project cost of Rs 6.66 Crore within 14 days from 20.01.2023 till 02.02.2023. This Visionary Project is executed by our district in order to fulfil the mission and vision of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, for harvesting rainwater in all possible means and to make it an everlasting asset to the people. Started with the guidance of PWD Minister EV. Velu, the scheme soon caught the attention of many and the project has been initiated on 20.01.2023 and completed on 02.02.2023. K.Pitchandi, Deputy Speaker of Tamil Nadu, appreciated the objective of the project and motivated the administration by all means, he further detailed.

Veer Pratap Singh, Additional-Collector (DRDA), pointed out that we face severe water inadequacy for agriculture and domestic needs during summer every year, the aim behind the initiative was to ensure adequate groundwater recharge to non-functional borewells in the entire district to envisage an increase in groundwater level, which will support agriculture and domestic needs during the summer and hence a brainstorming session was conducted for DRDA Team under the leadership of our District Collector, which led to the idea of creating Recharge Shafts around defunct borewells. We receive an average annual rainfall of 1046 millimetres, and establishing these recharge shafts will result in the increase of the groundwater level up to 4-5 feet and by which the people will be benefited, he further stated.

P. Ramakrishnan, Executive-Engineer (RD), detailed that Micro Level Planning at Block Level and Village Level for Identifying the apt locations for creating the Recharge Shafts around defunct borewells have been strategically selected at all locations. We had three level internal verification process to monitor the progress and execution of these structures. The internal monitoring process was executed by Engineering Department(RD), Agriculture Department and Horticulture Department.

R. Arun, APO (Wages and Employment), detailed that MGNREGS Workers have put in their continuous efforts for 14 days and endeavoured towards making this marathon project a successful one in such a record time and I am sure that this project will be an everlasting asset to the district. Each structure is established at a size of 3mts breadth, 3mts length and 2.5mts depth, a filter media was established covered with 40 mm metals, along with downpipes with slots for water transit, covered with a water filtration net. Silts deposited in due course at these establishments will be removed at equal intervals and it will be well maintained by the MGNREGS staff members from respective Village panchayats, which will result in the efficient and effective use of the infrastructure in all means, he further stated.

Image showing progress of construction of Ground Water Recharge Shafts being established around defunct borewells at multiple locations.

Archana Rajesh,Adjudicator-Elite World Records Stated, “No Blue No Green” is a reminder to all of us that we cannot afford to lose the blue water bodies or the green forests. These elements of nature play a crucial role in sustaining life on this planet and if we continue to destroy them, we will face catastrophic consequences. This project of recharging rain water to defunct borewell is a noble one and I appreciate the efforts, she further added.

Dr A.K. SenthilKkumar, Ambassador – Asian Records Academy, stated that rainwater recharge shafts established for non-functional borewells by Tiruvannamalai District is a notable and sustainable project. It signifies the Leadership role towards legacy. It is meticulous planning in site identification, and effective reuse of existing materials amidst new resources are laudable, he further stated.

P.Jeganathan, Senior Records Manager-India Records Academy, pointed out that, Ideation, Planning, and Execution is at the highest level. A permanent solution to the water problem is done through Defunct Borewells by the district administration. Outstanding efforts from the TN Government, he further pointed.

World Record Citation was conferred to B.Murugesh(District Collector), Veer Pratap Singh (Additional Collector) and the entire team for the successful accomplishment of the project by Elite World records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy and Tamilan Book of Records.

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The media began running half-baked stories on Harish Jagtani, pinpointing his arrest following the Income Tax survey on a bunch of builders.

Tax department measures recently against investment of undisclosed money in a Builders’ Group had been at the central point of attention, spurring media speculations. The manner in which such an initiative was carried out by the tax sleuths, and the subsequent media reportage in fact turned out to be unwarranted. The process had, sadly, maligned character assassination of those who were dragged into the row.

The media began running half-baked stories on Harish Jagtani, pinpointing his arrest following the Income Tax survey on a bunch of builders. The allegation was that Jagtani was among the people who had invested huge amounts of ‘undeclared money’ in a project related to the renowned Builders Group of Jaipur. 

But these charges proved to be false. It has come to light that the Income Tax Department’s proceedings were on a large builder who had put in money on a project on the land belonging to the Harish Jagtani group. The much-publicised proceedings just got extended to the group as well. In reality, Harish Jagtani had nothing to do with the charges imposed on him and his group. Actually, the Income Tax survey came to a close in a faster manner, thanks to the cooperation from Harish Jagtani, the main promoter-director of the Harish Jagtani group.

Earlier, the media went to town saying that Jagtani had invested large amounts of unaccounted money in the project related to Builders Group. Jagtani, who is a reputed businessman in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), runs various businesses and also has a multi-speciality hospital in the African country. Besides, it also needs to be noted that there exists no stock exchange in DRC and none of his companies is listed elsewhere around the globe too. 

Maintaining his position as a responsible citizen of India, Jagtani wholeheartedly cooperated with the tax officials. Reports have however alleged that Harish was trying to run. Jagtani is of the belief that the malicious campaign against him has been fake and unnecessary. Now that the reality has come to light, he hopes the media would desist from carrying out such unwarranted, false campaigns. 

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